Just trying to figure out a few things I am seeing in our DNS/DHCP
Management Console.

Some of our IP addresses in the range assigned to be handed out are mark
as "Unauthorized". I understand the meaning is that a device has been set
to use that IP address manually.

Other (more of them then Unauthorized) are set for "Automatic" and they
have a Time Lease of Dec 31, 1969. I've read the TID 10014701 but it only
mentions Unauthorized, not Automatic. Some of these Automatic IP's go
back to "Last Used" of 2004.

I'm trying to figure out what the Assignment Type Automatic means and if
there is a way to clear all those IP's out. I've got a guess that maybe
by being set to Automatic it means that they are old addresses that are
now available for DHCP to reuse and hand out???

One more thing. TID 10014757 mentions the use of "SET UNAUTHORIZED IP
SCAN INTERVAL =" to free up all unauthorized IP Addresses in the DHCP
servers local cache memory but that TID is for Netware 5.0. Is that still
a valid command for Netware 6.5 SP5?

Thanks to all, James.