I have a Wireless Gateway which acts as a NAT for our clients. The clients
do not see our network they only see the gateway unit. However, I want the
gateway to relay dhcp to our novell server to have netware hand out dhcp.
Well the issue is this:

Incoming client <0:18:DE:15:29:26> on subnet <10.1.x.x> will not be
serviced since this server is not configured to give out addresses for this

Thats what I get on netware when I ask for dhcp from the gateway. Also, the
netware server, 6.5sp6, has an IP address of 10.0.x.x. Our wireless clients
want to receive a 192.168.x.x. I think the reason is because the dhcp server
is getting the request from a 10.1 address and it does not have a range for
that. How do I make it give 192. range to this guy?


Thomas W