I have two issues that I would like to resolve -
The first has to do with reverse DNS -
According to my management console I have the following

>All Zones

>>[z] 12.2.81(81.2.12.IN-ADDR.ARPA)



But when I go to the online tool and query reverse DNS it says there are
no pointers - I have corrected this with AT&T so it is picking up to my
servers, it's just not following through with the PTR record of choice -

What I would like is where it says "Answer" to have it respond: PTR record: enya.ronrnd.com [TTL s] [A=]
instead of
No PTR records exist for [Neg TTL=86400 seconds]

I think I might need to check a subnet mask somewhere in there, but I
don't know for sure where.

Also (on a separate note) I would like to know how to add a "SPF" record
into the console somewhere. I mean, I created the record alright, but I
do not know where to put it into the console.

Here is what I want to put in there -
"v=spf1 mx ~all"

I just need to know what option I need to find to insert this record.


Thanks in advance for all of your help!
Eric Swanson
IS Manager