There is no specific group for OES Linux DNS, and I posted to Admin and
got no responses. I hope you all wont mind my posting here.

I have DNS/BIND services running on an OES Linux server. There are
multiple slave zone files. I need to be able to force an update of the
files when the data changes on the Master so I don't have to wait for the
refresh period to elapse. In other works, force a zone transfer.
Restarting the named service does not work, nor does restarting the
physical server itself. I know I read somewhere the data is kept in cache
so that even for a server restart a zone transfer of all secondary zones
is not necessary. So I'm assuming to get the transfer to happen prior to
waiting for the refresh period to elapse I have to flush the cache to
remove all existing entries?

How do I do this?

Thank you.