We are continuing to have problems with Novell DHCP and Dynamic DNS on
Netware 6.5.5

Main problem we see is multiple (usually 2) IP addresses in DNS for
hosts which are DHCP configured which causes a problem connecting to
shared printers and for remote control.

We have 2 DHCP servers each supporting multiple subnets (78 subnets of
a class B range between them - I doubt the distribution is absolutely
even). The DHCP service is clustered so has its own IP address separate
from the server's primary IP address. All lease times are 3 days.

There are 4 DNS servers, one Active Primary and 3 Passive Primaries. On
the Active Primary we see lots of access denied messages when clients
try to update DNS for themselves - will try to switch that off by
pushing a registry change with Zen.

The DHCP service addresses are both configured as the only addresses
allowed to update the DNS zone and the ARPA zone.

It seems to me that the old addresses are not being cleaned out when
the lease has expired. Should I expect this even if the client has
crashed and not released the address cleanly?

The particular machine giving trouble just now has released and renewed
its ipconfig a few times since I deleted the DNS entries for it 2 days
ago but neither the A record nor the PTR record have been re-added
(viewed in DNS/DHCP Management Console).

After manually going through thousands of DNS records to find where
there are multiple addresses for a client and deleting the wrong ones
what can I do to improve the preformance and avoid future problems?