At present we have 3 Windows 2003 servers running DNS at a regional level,
and a larger number of NW6.5 SP5 servers at a local level connected over
WAN links. The AD domain created was 'domain.local' (altered to protect
the innocent).

When the Novell servers are set as secondaries for this domain all seems
fine until at, what seems to be, a random time the Novell servers only
respond to half the dns entries in the .local domain. You can ping one
entry but not another. If you set the workstations (XP Pro) to point to
the regional server then all is ok.

The only way to get round this is to remove domain.local from the novell
servers and forward the queries to the regional servers. This does not
help as if the WAN link fails we require the local servers to be able to
respond to the .local dns requests. If you look at the domain.local.db
file all entries appear to be there.