I am running a Netware 6.5 SP5 server as a dhcp server, and have two
First, our DHCP is now being handled by and outside source, but due to
hardware upgrades we are currently doing, the new hard ware will not
pass DHCP requests to the outside source DHCP Server. There for I am
setting up DHCP local for us. This has brought an issue with windows
2000 pro systems. It seems that they are not liking to get DHCP local,
I see on the DHCP console that the client did not select this server,
and the machine keeps getting its DHCP from the outside source. Has
anyone every seen this? Any thoughts?

Second, I am wondering if it is possible to assign more than one
hardware address to an ip address. We have many laptops that are both
wired and wireless, and out current provider of DHCP allows one ip
address to have more than one MAC address assigned to it. Is this
possible through the Novell service?

Thanks for any thoughts or help.