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Is it possible to forward DDNS updates from a remote DHCP service to
NetWare-hosted DNS? I am referring to forwarding hostname info to a DNS
server located across a VPN link. I don't want to use the DHCP server
across the VPN link, however, as I don't want the remote clients
dependent upon the link being up to renew addresses.

Here's the configuration:

Main office -

Astaro Security Gateway in front of a Novell NetWare cluster. The
cluster runs DNS/DHCP. There is a single domain at the main office, with
two subnets. One subnet is DHCP, and the Novell DHCP service sends DDNS
updates to the Novell DNS service for that subnet.

There are subdomains for each of 18 remote locations, along with
corresponding IN_ADDR_ARPA zones.

Remote locations -

SonicWALL TZ-170's running Standard OS firmware connecting via
IPSec VPN to the Astaro gateway. TZ-170's perform DHCP for their
respective subnets (one subnet per location). All I want to do is have
the TZ-170 send the DDNS updates for the clients back through the VPN to
the NetWare cluster.


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