I am in the process of setting up a new netware server for the company I
work for. The server has two networking cards. One for
external/public/internet traffic, and one for internal network. I have
set it up with bordermanager and also set it up as a dhcp server. When my
client computers obtain an ip address it gets an ip, subnet, gateway. I
began work on setting up my dns server on this machine, and have been
trying to for the past 3 days. Whether i create the server and zone in
either the dns/dhcp client i installed on my laptop, or using imanager on
the server itself. Whenever i load named i get the following error.

Starting eDirectory integrated Novell DNS Server...
error: could not listen on UDP socket: address in use
error: creating IPv4 interface Loopback Interface 2 failed; interface
Loading the configuration and zone data completed
DNS Server running.

My public nic has an ip address of and my internal private
nic has an ip of When I create the dns server object and the
zone and link them together by assigning the server to the zone, the
server automatically gets the ip of my external nic........I do not know
why this is, because I believe i want the dns server running on my
internal network. I want to see on my client machines dns

If i look in remote manager under manage server / ip address management
under application, dns server shows up with the ip address of with a valid status. the bordermanager has the proxy setup
for dns under the network port 53.

Please help! Thanks, haha