My current model is as follows:

Netware DNS server for internal name resolution of small number of host names which either are not published to the Internet due to their being for internal use only, or due to NAT the inside and outside resolutions differ.

DHCP hands out three DNS server IP addresses to clients, in order, beginning with the internal DNS server, followed by our ISP's two Internet DNS servers.

We have been plagued by frequent and widespread instances where the internal lookup fails and depending on the hostname being looked up, either no IP is found or the outside address is returned. All clients are running Windows XP.

My proposed solution is as follows:

1. Configure my internal DNS server to forward to the ISP's DNS servers.

2. Block forwarding on so queries will either succeed at the internal server or fail, but will not get the chance to return the outside address.

3. Modify DHCP to hand out the IP address of our internal DNS server only , not the ISP's servers.

Will this work? Recommendations?