OK gang, now I truely do need some help... Either I have discovered a
*possible* flaw in the DHCP implementation or its BURIED in the
documentation in the bottom of someones file cabinet! ;-)

Anyhow, what I have beentrying to do is transition our Cisco VoIP system
from the current DHCP server running on Win2k to NW65. Everything went
well and I did a cutover this weekend. Unfortunately it looks like what I
was told about Option 150 is in error, and I need to find out how to
correct it.

Option 150 is a TFTP server field which is quite important to VoIP
configurations. Netware has this as an available field to add, but the
declarative type is STRING. I was told this should not be an issue and
filled out the IP address as a string, namely "". After cutover I
reset a phone, and it eventually came up. The IP on the TFTP field was
"", which those astute hex guru's will recognize as the ascii
decimal codes for the sequence "10.8".

This field needs to be redefined as either IP or I could even deal with it
being 4 integers. Unfortunatly there is NO way I've been able to find to
redefine a field type in NW DHCP, nor can I delete it then re-add as it
seems to be a pre-defined one with fixed parameters. There is also a
backup option 66, but this is not available on Netware either.

I can't be the only one who has ever come across this; it would seem that
anyone trying to run VoIP on a netware network would have hit it already.


PS. Has searching the forums suddenly become alot harder for others
besides me?