We have found that when an IP address lease is renewed to a machine (xp
or w2k) that has been constantly up and running, that machine will loose
local DNS resolution and would be unable to ping any local servers by
name, for example. Internet access is not affected. We have multiple
offices and this issue occurs in most, if not all offices in our
findings. We've also found that a quick fix is to simply release and
renew the IP and it starts working again.

DHCP leases are set to 4 days. DHCP hands out DNS ip's in the form of a
primary DNS, a secondary DNS (as a backup) and an internet DNS, in this
order. Everything else seems to be working as advertised, such as
Dynamic Updates, Service scopes and DA's for SLP, reverse lookup
generation, etc.

We have several offices, each running their own DHCP and DNS servers.
All DNS servers are authoritative to our primary local zone. Designated
primary is a DNS server in our main office. Its hard to tell if this is
a DHCP or DNS problem.

Any ideas? Thanks...

- Joe