We have for the most part successfully transferred DHCP from the Win2k to
NW65. So far all is good except for a VERY annoying problem that I have
not found a solution for...
Rather than run printers with static addresses, my predicessor would
install a reservation and assign a DHCP address to the printer. Not bad,
and in theory a great way to manage things. Unfortunately in practice it
looks like the printers sometimes get a different (dynamic) address, and
sometimes the printers simply were not here during setup. Again, ok, but
the problem arises in that once they get a DHCP address dynamically, I'd
like to simply lock that address and assign it permanently to the printer.
Issue is that I cannot changethe type of address off dynamic, and using
either the DNS/DHCP console or iManager does not give me any abilities at
all... It seems to me this would be a simple thing to do; why would we
have to add a whole new address manually and cycle the object rather than
simply changing the type and having a permanent association?