I am getting the following message in my dhcpsrvr.log and do not know how
to resolve it or if it is critical.

Get type:4, IPAddr:, LeaseTime:345600, MacIndx:58915, pIP:0
DetermineLeaseTime: proposed=345600, return=259200,
ping:sendto addr=
AMAGet() exit err:0, subnet:, addr:
2007/08/16 10:50:55 <DHCPDISCOVER> packet received from client
2007/08/16 10:50:55 Sending BOOTP/DHCP reply <DHCPOFFER> to
<0:E0:BB:26:79:E0> as <>.
SubmitJob called with addr=, leaseExpiration=0, lease=0,
2007/08/16 10:50:55 <DHCPRELEASE> packet received from client
<0:E0:BB:26:79:E0>, IP Address <>.
ProcessJob pass IP DN: 10_120_254_6.HS_VOIP-Subn, no hostname,
operation 2
NWDSRemoveObject failed: err = NO_SUCH_ENTRY, objectName
Any assistance in resolving this issue is greatly appreciated. Thanks