We have just reorganized our whole network and have splited it in
different VLANs.
Our netvork have both LAN-connections and WLAN.

Some info:
(X is hidden)
VLAN 1(Infrastructur) Subnet: 10.x.0.0/ (GW:10.X.0.1)
VLAN 2(server LAN) Subnet: 10.x.1.0/ (GW: 10.X.1.1)
VLAN 3(Cabel LAN) Subnet: 10.x.2.0/ (GW: 10.X.2.1)
VLAN 4(WLAN)Subnet: 10.X.3.0/ (GW:10.X.3.1)

On VLAN 2 we have a dhcp-serve(NW6.5 SP6) with ip:10.X.1.2
In dhcp we have confiured 3 Subnets for VLAN 1, 3 and 4.
There are also created address-range in all these subnets

Then i have created a Subnet Pool and include all 3 subnets.

Whole network is connected trough a CISCO-Layer3 Switch(Switch with
router) as core switch/router
The rest is based on HP ProCurve 26xx

The CISCO is configured to know IP for dhcp-server.

When a client is requesting IP-information, it get only get ip from VLAN
4-subnet; 10.X.3.nnn, even if the client is connectet to VLAN 3; 10.X.2.0
But this request take very long time to complete. Most time it gives
getting ip.
In dhcp-servers Audit log the client request is registred, but it get
leased ip from the last subnet(wrong subnet).

What have i forgotten/Oversee in the configuration?

If i only create one subnet and address-range in dhcp-server, then it
It seems that the dhcp-server can't handle ip to several VLANs on
different dubnets, but everyting says it can!
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