I am relatively new to BorderManager and am looking after a system with 2
BorderManager 3.8 SP4 servers.

Both servers have display the same issue when performing the following
1. Uploading files to servers over the internet, this will return a 504
error after attempting to upload the file. If the file is under 150k it
uploads but any larger and it fails.

2. Accessing ASP pages where users input and save data, these pages
intermittently timeout.

One major point to note is that these servers forward to a Trend Micro

If the same tasks are performed using the Trend server as the proxy then
everything works OK.

I have bumped up the timeout values on the server - Connection Keepalive
Timeout = 3 hours and Data Read Timeout = 30 minutes.

I have also reviewed Craig Johnson's proxy.cfg against the ones running on
the server and there does not seem to be a difference.

Any thoughts or suggestions.