Having upgraded from GW6.0 to GW7.02h we are getting

(1) ODMA Connection Manager - Specified DMS agent is not specified to ODMA

This is happening at almost random - on some machines but not on others
these pc's will work fine one day and give the error on other days
Opening another doc works sometimes and then going back to original doc -
will open too.

(2) Dragged GW documents from clients to local PC (GWI extension) does not
work at all.

(3) Excel will not open correctly sometimes - (this is after copying the
gwxl97.xla and gwxlus.xla
files to C:\program files\microsoft office\office 10\XLSTART)

Again the strange thing is RANDOM files are effected

Having just opened and closed a Excel doc - tring again a few minutes later
can give this error!