Maybe I missed something somewhere but I don't see this option. Yes, I could manually enter all of the account into and use Intellisync authentication but that's not what I'm after. Or, do that then switch then over to GroupWise authentication, but that's no good either. What I'd like is the ability to either...

(GroupWise authentication is the desired method.)

1. As the GWMSAdmin, select the user from an address book-like interface to enable their GWMS access, sending them a notice that their GWMS account is ready, and then they can create their account and add their device(s) at a later time, or

2. Let them initialize their user account with a notice going to the GWMSAdmin so that I could either approve or disapprove the account. This should happen before they add any devices.

The problem is that our GWMS system is getting accounts created by every Tom, Dick, and Harry and that's not what we'd like. It would be best if only approved accounts could be allowed onto GWMS.