The last few days our messenger has been dropping about half the logged on
users and the messenger client has had to reconnect.
The Messenger Messaging Agent reports " 56C SPL Request (Get Other Status)
[0xB106]: CN=Username,OU=xxx,O=xxx - Host is unknown to system "

This happens numerous times a day.
There is a TID 3520177 which indicates there's a fix for this which I've
applied but the problem is still there.

I'm running Messenger 2.0.2 HP on Netware 6.5 sp5 with Groupwise ver
7.0.2HP agents on the same server.
A day before I applied/installed the Messenger HP, the server abended 11
times immediately, requiring a server reboot. I haven't had any abends
since but the messenger agent is reporting numerous errors. (Users: 105
Requests: 31449 Errors: 80)

Can anyone give me information as to what I can do to fix this?

Thanks in advance,