When I look at root folders in NW partitions, I sometimes find that
bit 31 and bit 16 of the attribute word are set. Windows folder
attributes only go up to bit 15 as follows

' #define FILE_ATTRIBUTE_READONLY 0x00000001
' #define FILE_ATTRIBUTE_HIDDEN 0x00000002
' #define FILE_ATTRIBUTE_SYSTEM 0x00000004
' #define FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY 0x00000010
' #define FILE_ATTRIBUTE_ARCHIVE 0x00000020
' #define FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DEVICE 0x00000040
' #define FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL 0x00000080
' #define FILE_ATTRIBUTE_TEMPORARY 0x00000100
' #define FILE_ATTRIBUTE_SPARSE_FILE 0x00000200
' #define FILE_ATTRIBUTE_COMPRESSED 0x00000800
' #define FILE_ATTRIBUTE_OFFLINE 0x00001000
' #define FILE_ATTRIBUTE_ENCRYPTED 0x00004000

Anyone know what these bits signify?

Another problem is failue to gather permissions using
NWGetObjectEffectiveRights in a routine which walks the filesystem
from a start folder. If I start at the partition root, I find that I
get Error 35240 (0x89A8) from all files, which signifies Access Denied/
No rights. If I start one folder below the partition root it works OK.
I am converting paths to DOS8.3 format - is this likely to be the
cause of the problem?

Simon Kravis