I'm not sure if I have everything set right or not, as this is my first
time and I'm just following the documentation. I'm running NW6.5 SP 5 with
eDir with NMAS to the latest and SS to the latest.

I originally had attempted to setup Branch Office and have an old version
of Universal Password installed before I upgraded to the latest. So not
sure if this is what is causing my problems. If I go into Password
Policies, I still see the "Universal Password Off," "Universal Password
On," and "Universal Password On - S" policies. The help says that I need
to create new policies to replace these before I can remove them, however
I have not done this yet.

I'm worried that by switching to UP, it might cause some problems with
users, so I originally wanted to create some policies and test it on a
container first to make sure there's no problem before applying it to the
whole tree to remove those three old entries.

However, when I applied it to the test container, the users password can
still log in w/o it being case sensitive, nor see any of the messages that
I put in with UP. The rules that I set doesn't work either.

For example, I set the policy to be case-sensitive, and must have at least
one uppercase, one lowercase, and one numeric character. However, when I
had change my test user's password, I could set the password to "temp5"
without it stopping me.

Is this because of those old policies? I'm not too sure. Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance!