NW 6.5 SP5 server running Broker & NDPS Manager plus BackupExec plus NSS
(only for a few people)

Last week, everything on the server is very slow. Health monitor took a
long time to load and when it finally loaded, Available memory status=BAD
(red). Not sure how to fresh up the memory other than reboot.

Rebooted server and the available memory status=OK (green) with
current=164MB. However, every day the available memory current number is
decreasing. The status is suspect for the past few days (so far don't see
any problem YET).

Max=1023MB (this never changes)

I have 1GB of ram on this memory.

Can someone explain to me the meaning of current & peak. I checked the
server memory requirement and it said mim 512MB. Is 1GB of RAM too low for
what I have?