When trying to migrate a Netware 3.11 server to Netware 6.5.6 server using
Migration Wizard 6.5.502.7 I get the following critical error message:

Source Server XXX: Source Server XXX: MAP3XIDS.NLM on server 'YYY' could not
log in to the source server 'XXX'. Be sure that login is enabled on the
source server. Be sure that the destination server can see the source
server using the Display Servers command.
--- Error caused by a NetWare API error ---
This error means that the error code returned has different meanings for
different functions.
(Error code: 0X89ff Function Name: NWLoginToFileServer)

Both servers are configured with IPX and they can see each other when using
display servers command at the console. No login restrictions configured on
the user accounts used for logging in. When loading the nlm from console I
map3xids: usage: server_name user_name [passwd_len passwd]

Loading "map3xids xxx myuser 4 pass" from server YYY (myuser with a
password - pass)
I get the following:
map3xids: Failed to log into server xxx. Error code 0xFF.

It seems that the login credentials are the problem here although I can log
in from Netware client with no problems.

What could be the problem here?