We are an environment with about 7 Netware/Windows-with-edir servers.
They range from NW5.1, NW6.0, and NW6.5.3
(the NW5.1 servers were first; and the other servers were added into the
tree later)

Management has finally given the approval to upgrade our older servers.
(from older hardware over to New Hardware!)
That's Great!

The problem is: i don't know how Best to tackle this problem.
I am only familiar with rolling out Netware Servers into a Newly Create
I have no experience when you want to rollout into an existing Tree.

Can anyone enlighten me on the recommended/best practices for doing an

-Is there a way to leave the Server Objects in the tree, when we
decommision and switch out the older Servers?
-Or, Will i have to completely delete my existing Server objects out of
the Tree, and then Recreate them?
-If i have to delete & Recereate the Server objects, can i give the new
Server Objects the Same Names?
-WHat about the MAster Replica? Is it better to have one of our NW6.5
servers be the MAster Replica?
-Are there any Health Checks that are recommended i run against or eDir
Tree, prior to beginning this grand project?

Sorry for all the questions, but im just trying to wrap my mind around the
entire scope of what needs to be done. If you know of any TIDs, or Cool
Solutions, or whatever, that you think may help me out; I would greatly
apprecuate it!! :)

Thank you all in advance for any help you can provide!!