I'm doing a hardware migration from a box running NW51SP8 to one running
NW65SP6. I'm on about my sixth try (at least) at getting ALL files to
copy from the source to the destination using the NetWare Migration
Wizard (v8.1.512.9). The error log shows me dozens of "NWSMTS error:
Cannot restore the data because the destination server is out of disk
space.' " errors. That's utterly impossible because the new server has
volumes that are 8-10 times larger than the old one.

I figured it must be the fact that the destination server volumes have
directory space restrictions enabled, and once the folder contents have
been decompressed by the migration, they won't fit into the same amount
of space on the destination server. Fine, I thought, and used NSSMU to
turn off the Directory Quotas flag on the destination volume.
Bizarrely, when I ran the migration again, it *turned the quotas flag
back on*.


Can anyone suggest a workaround for this? Maybe there's a way to remove
all directory space restrictions from the source volumes?