Sorry for the repost folks, its been over a month since the
original post so I figured it might not get seen if I continued
the same thread.

The situation is as follows:

- Two servers A and B, small business environment. Server A Dell
PE 1600 (Boardermanager),Server B Dell PE 2600 (GroupWise,
filesystem etc).
- External Exabyte VXA-3 SCSI connected directly to Server B
(primary file server)
- All TSA's are loaded on both servers and of the same version as
included in SP6.
- Series of pre-sp6 backup jobs for Server B are running fine with
no errors logged
- In SBCON, selecting a target to restore too or backup from,
Server B is not visible but server A is, so we cannot do a test
restore to server A, yet the pre-configured backups continue to
run fine.
- Not sure if this issue is a result of SP6 or just never seen as
the current series of backup jobs having been employed for quite
some time.

Could this article be

Thanks much for your input.


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