i try to increase our Backup Performance of an old Netware 6.5 SP 5 Server.
I doesn't become more Speed as around 4,3MB/s over a Backupvolume of
5993003 KB and 45200 Files and 100MBit Network.
The Server is an old HP LC2000 with 6 SCSI RAID 5 Volume and 1 GB RAM.
Backupsoftware is HP Dataprotector 6.

But anyway....

At first i need help about interpreting the TSATEST.NLM Infos
Here a Example of a turn:

 SMS - TSA Statistical Analyzer
Backing Up :DATA:
Read Count: 97442 Min. Read Time: 000us
Last Read Size: 56798 Last Read Time: 300us
Total Bytes Read: 3638671416 Max. Read Time: 203800us
Raw Data MB/min: 1050.19 Avg. Read Time: 2000us
Backup Sets: 47545 Avg. Scan Time: 000us
Avg. Open Time: 6700us Total Read Time: 199s
Avg. Close Time: 000us Elapsed Time: 531s
Effective MB/min: 398.19 Total TSA Time: 527s
Max. Error: 4.36%
 Avg. File Read Time:4200us

What i not understand is, why ist there a huge difference between Raw Data
MB/min and Effective MB/min?

Raw Data MB/min is without the overhead for scan, open and close of the
Files in the Backupjob, right?
But what are the Bottleneck's for the difference to the Effective MB/min

- Processor/CPU/NSS Parameters?

I played with some Parameters, but the Result's with TSATEST are minimal
different (~100KB/min).

I changed:

..and other Parameters as described in TID 3341011

nss /status tells me (after an reboot of the Server and 1 TSATEST Turn):

Current NSS Status:
Current Buffer Cache Size = 380468k (95117)
Minimum NSS Buffer Cache Size = 80000k (20000)
Minimum NetWare Buffer Cache Size = 80000k (20000)
Cache Balance Percent = 85%
Cache Balance Timer = 30 seconds
Cache Buffer Flush Timer = 1 second
Open File Hash Table Size = 200031 entries
Closed File Cache Size = 200000 files
File Flush Timer = 10 seconds
Name Cache Size = 68543 entries
Authorization Cache Size = 20000 entries
Mailbox Size = 512 entries
Minimum Number of AsyncIOs = 2048
Minimum Number of Bonds = 5000
Minimum Number of WorkToDos = 100

I'm happy about every hint.
Thank you