I have Dell PE800 w/CERC-SATA1.5/6ch Controller and 2 80GB WDHDD(Raid 1).
Running out of space and I know that we can replace each drive, rebuild
array, and must run Capacity Expansion according to the manual.

Given that this is a NetWare 6.5 SP3 running on RAID 1, Array 0 consisting
of 2 80GB Sata disks I would like to add another Raid 1, using 2 additioal
160GB Sata drives and be able to have NetWare use the space provided.


Could I create a 2nd Raid 1 Array 1 with the 2 new hdds, 160GB and utilize
NetWare expansion?

And would NSSMU allow me to utilize that space?

And would that give me essentially 80+160GB=240GB?

Thanks for any help provided.