Anders Gustafsson wrote:
> Here is what Novell suggested:
> 1. Do they always get this error message (ie every time they download)?
> 2. When they get the error, does he know if someone else has the

file open
> (ie a file lock is actually occurring)?
> 3. There were some fixes in this area in SP6, but I don't want to go

> route until I see the answers from questions 1 & 2.
> Also, I realise that this has nothing to do with eDirectory, so can

you please continue this thread in
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> Using VA 5.51 build 315 on Windows 2000 build 2600

I tried the NSM forum and this is the response, that I got from them:
This is not the right forum for this type of question. Please try one of
the NetWare or OES-Linux forums."

NSM Development

yensah wrote:
> Every time a user selects the option "download and lock" they get the

blank screen.
> It happens when only one person is accessing the file.
> Our last patch level is SP6. THANKS for your help
> Yensah