Started out innocuous enough; got up, came back to my home office,
started working.

Amy walked in and asked if I'd seen the note that Ken left us on the
dining room table when he left for school this morning. I hadn't, so she
showed me:

"There is a very cute bat in the North East corner. That's probably why
the cats are flipping out. (in the kitchen. it's very early) Animal
control # xxx-xxxx or xxx-xxxx".

Sure enough, in the upper corner of the kitchen, there was a freaking bat
sleeping! Called animal control, and they sent out the one officer they
have who HATES dealing with bats. She came into the house with a coffee
can and a net, but then realised she'd left the lid for the coffee can
with some birds (to hold water for them). Ultimately she radioed another
officer who came out, and the two of them got the bat (who was very upset
by this time) out of the house.

They noted we had cats, and said "you should take your cats to get rabies
shots within the next 24 hours, just in case they got bitten; bats are
notorious for being rabies carriers. We'll test this little guy, but we
won't know the results until next Tuesday or Wednesday at the earliest.".

Well carp.

I had to go and get an allergy shot today, so we packed up and headed up
there; I have to stay for 30 minutes after the shot just in case I have
an adverse reaction. Came home, got the cats all into carriers, and
headed down to the vet.

$700+ poorer now, since we figured they're all there, we might as well
get all their vaccinations up to date and have tests done as well just to
make sure they're OK in general. They were due for a checkup anyways.

Back home, shower, shave, and off to dinner. A coworker had a gift
certificate for a local restaurant that she wasn't going to be able to
use (it expired today) and she gave it to me. I think it's the most
expensive meal I've ever had, but it was VERY good. Still, I'm glad we
had the gift certificate to offset over half of the cost. :-)

All this and I'm taking next week off, had a few actual work-related
things to do today, but that darned bat threw the schedule off for
everything. Well, nearly everything. I do take my laptop to the
doctor's office, so I can do some document work and whatnot while I'm
there, and I was able to get some of the things done.

It's a good thing it was a big dinner, though - that was breakfast -
neither of us had eaten all day, what with the "excitement" of dealing
with the bat...