Nancy and I were going to choir last night when we were rear ended. I
was making a right turn on red. I stopped, looked and did a slight
creep forward because I couldn't see past this huge SUV. Rush hour
traffic and the car that had signaled a right turn (leaving me space to
accelerate and merge) had decided to continue straingt. I stopped.
Fellow behind me didn't notice and bumped me. I pulled forward and out
of traffic. He did the same.

I asked if he was all right as did he. He was embarrased beyond belief.
(I saw his blush, which receded) We looked at the bumpers - no damage.

Nobody hurt.

I told him I didn't see any sense in exchanging info since nobody was
hurt.... just a quick bumper bump is all.

He agreed

He also thanked me for my service as I have a bumper sticker that has:

"Navy Vet and proud of it"

and did a "You're welcome"

and off we went.

Further down the street a much worse fender bender had occured. Small
compact car and huge SUV. SUV had rear ended compact. Didn't appear
anyone was hurt, but the compact was going to be totaled. (I noticed
the air bags had deployed and I'm told a car is written off if that

Why is it SUV drivers think they can stop on a dime, regardless of