Trying to eek as much performance as I can out of my backups of my
netware boxes. I see when they are running to my backup server (win2k3
box, BE11), that the gigabit link hits 38% utilization according to the
web interface on the procurve switch.. It pretty much stays there the
entire time. I have 2 backups running off the same server (different
volumes) to 2 LTO drives in the same scalar 100 unit. I'm wondering
what effective percentage gigabit tops out at for utilization and if
it's time to look at pairing links up to increase the bandwidth?

Both volumes are on the same external raid but different logical units,
and they are split so that each goes to it's own ultra 320 interface..
Although the backup server just has one ultra 320 going to it.
According to it's docs on the scalar 100, if you have 3 or more drives,
you should run it off 2 channels, but I'm just running 2. I'm near the
limits of my weekend backup window to be able to back all this stuff up
and I'm trying to eek out what performance I can.

Unfortunately my main data volume being much smaller files will only get
to about 2.3TB in 53 hours where as my video capture volume will clear
4.3TB in 49 hours... sigh.

Suggestions anyone?