I've been reviewing previous posts on moving iPrint printers and I want to know
if I have this right.

I'm thinking about off-loading processes from a busy server. If I only
have one iPrint server, and I want to move the iPrint functionality from the
server its on to a new server, and both servers are NW6.5SP6 with
iprntnw65sp6g.zip installed, then.....


1.) Setup new server with iPrint installed on it but not running (Is it possible
to have two brokers in the same container?).

2.) shut down iPrint on the old server.

3.) Copy NDPS\RESDIR from the old server to the new server.

4.) Start broker and manager on both servers. Start the manager on the new
server per instructions on TID10067688.

5.) Use iManager to move printer agents from old server to new server.

6.) Use the iManager "Printer Redirect URL" function to redirect the
workstations to the new iPrint server? Not quite sure how this is supposed to
work. If the printers have already been renamed, isn't this redundant?

7.) Leave both iPrint servers up until everyone has had a chance to login. Then
bring the old iPrint down.

Is this even close to being correct?

Terry Davis
Sr. Network Administrator