I'm not even sure where to begin... The server runs Ok occassionally and
then starts stacking up the errors. It is never consistent. Usually the
workstations quickly get to the "not scanned in 30-60 days" and "not
scanned in 60+ days". Here's a sample of the errors we're seeing.

Collection Server Errors - Thousands of these:
[2.6.42] Scanning C207-5B-03134 failed due to an error detected by the

[2.2.4] WIF KB Versions 2.01.A.0001.016 does not agree with current KB
Version 3.05. WS FCC3073 will not be loaded

Workstation errors - Thousands of these too:
The majority of the errors simple state: Collector Aborted. No
additional error information.

[2.1.1036] The Collector encountered an abnormal circumstance. (WmiApRpl
key didn't open )

[2.1.1034] A function failed (35323 )

Most of these errors are non-descript and I've been unable to find
anything helpful online. Can anyone provide some words of wisdom??

Joe Marshall