Sorry for posting this here, but a Novell sales rep recommended I do so...
(strange, huh?) My question involves what components are the Asset
Management software that comes with the ZENworks suite continues to run
after the trial period expires, and the salesperson couldn't answer this.

I have a customer who might be interested in purchasing (if possible) the
Asset Management piece w/o the full ZENworks suite. A current ZENworks 7
Novell course suggests that only the inventory collection piece of the
product will continue to run after 90 days (even though the full-blown
product seems to be functional off the CD that comes with the ZENworks
Suite). I'm thus assuming that the other pieces (Software Metering, etc.)
simply stop working after 90 days...

Having said that, could anyone please answer the following questions for me:

1) A customer can purchase the Asset Management piece (without the full
ZENworks Suite) for $33/user, and wouldn't require any other ZENworks
components running to achieve full functionality, correct? (Reference:

2) If a customer DID purchase the full ZENworks Suite ($130/user retail),
how much additional cost would there be to get the REST of the Asset
Management stuff licensed (beyond the basic inventory pece that doesn't

Thanks in advance, folks.