I'm a bit confused about what I should see/do with the WebConsole versus
the Asset Management Manager. Should I be able to edit hardware devices;
i.e., add/change serial numbers via the WebConsole? I know I can use the
asset manager to edit hardware/software information but I don't seem to
have the same functionality with the web console...just wondering if
that's by design or if I'm missing something. I'm logged in as an
enterprise administrator.

I would like to remove some fields from being displayed using the web
console but can't find the info on if/how I can accomplish this. For
example, using the web console I run a report to locate a workstation. I
can than click on that workstation and have all the lovely details
displayed on the screen about that device. I can click EDIT which brings
up a screen where I can edit basic information about the device - I would
like to edit this screen so only specific fields are displayed. Is this

Thanks in advance.