Hello everybody.

Still fighting against ZAM 7.5 :-)

If I get it right, ZAM has the option which allows you to grab PRU
updates straight from Novell's sites by using a proxy server.

In my test environment, I do make use of a proxy server which "listens"
at the 3128 port (eg,; I fired up the ZAM Manager,
selected Tools -> Proxy Server Management and entered:

[x] Use Proxy Server

Port: 3128
Username: <myusername>
Password: <mypassword>
Password Verify:<mypassword>

I selected OK to confirm the above values; I've also double checked the
password is correct.

Next, I went to Administration -> Product Recognition Update... and
selected "One-step Download/Update" -> [Download/Update Now].

A progress dialog box appears on the screen with the "Connection to
Novell website" label and the "Task" bask which progesses half way but
then [Error communicating with web server stella.tallysystems.com. Failed
to send the HTTP request to the web server, error: 12002 (00002EE2)".

I had the chance to repeat the above a number of time and a quick
"netstat -an" performed from the Windows 2000 server command prompt
revelated a connection to in SYN_SENT state.

No evidences of connection to port 3128 (which is the port my proxy
server is listening to).

From the above server I can ping to just fine; also, as to
make sure, I configured IE connection settings as to use the very same
proxy server which worked as expected.

I've performed a quick check in the registry but I could not find
anything related to proxy server and Tally Software/ZAM.

This is not a real issue 'cause I've already downloaded the zam750pru_q
from Novell's download area and applied using the "Apply Update from
Downloaded Copy" (which went fine) but I was just wondering if this is
the expected behaviour or not.

Perhaps ZAM expects to have proxy connections only on port 80?

Roberto Zini - r.zini<@AT@>strhold.it
"Has anybody around here seen an aircraft carrier?"
(Pete "Maverick" Mitchell - Top Gun)