Hello everybody.

Still testing ZAM 7.5.

On our LAN, I installed the ZAM client-side component on 3 Linux powered
boxes; 2 of 'em are SuSE Linux 10.1 while one (mine!) is Novell Linux
Desktop 9.

The first two (SuSE Linux 10.1) are correctly scanned and identified by
ZAM; as an example, in System List -> Unix/Linux I can read the
System,OS, the Processor, the CPU Speed, the Free Disk and the TotalMemory.

For Novell Linux Desktop 9, I can only read the System (Intel 903 Mhz
Pentium III), the OS but Processor, CPU Speed, Free Disk and TotalMemory
are *empty*.

The same goes for the IP address; I can read the MAC address, the default
gateway but not the IP Address.

I've tried by deleting the workstation from the ZAM database, removed and
installed the ZAM client for Linux, forced a scan (which occurred) but
still cannot see the above pieces of info.

If I click over the machine name hyperlink (WEB Interface), I have the
complete list of the Software but nearly nothing when it comes to the HW.

I've tried to restart the client with the "diagnostic" flag and
/opt/zam/bin/InboxCC gets populated with some files; the most noticeable
one is the 4EC65DC4-B6C6-11DB-84A4-005004485B85.uif (approx 1.8MB) which
I can edit with vi and see a lot of info (and which I can send if someone
at Novell is interested).

The /var/log/tscclientEvent20070207.log file reports that everything is
fine but I cannot tell the above HW info from both the Web interface and
the manager.

From the install guide it seems NLD9 is not among the list of supported
platform but the same goes for the SuSE Linux 10.1 (which gets recognized
as expected).


Roberto Zini - r.zini<@AT@>strhold.it
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