Hi. I'm posting this in both the Asset Management and Asset Inventory

We use Asset Inventory 7.5 with the Manager on a Windows 2003 server and
the database on Oracle 10g on Unix.

Our Oracle DB moved the database from a development server to a
production server today using TID 3000293, shown here:


Once the DB move was done, I booted the Windows server. The Apache and
ZAM services started. I modified the TNSNAMES.ORA file to reflect the
new database info. I modified the ODBC driver to as well, then did
a "Test Connection" in the ODBC driver window using NCSystem user - this

When launching the Manager I could enter the EntAdmin username and
password, it would be accepted, the login window would go away, then
nothing would happen. Nothing.

I decided to stop the services then use Add/Remove Programs to uninstall
the ZAM products. This worked fine.

I then ran the setup.exe and chose to perform a "Components Only"
install. I get a couple screen through this and at the point I specify
that I'm using Oracle 10g and I give the DB name, it gives me this error:

[2.4.1700] ZENworks Asset Management was unable to access license

I am able to click OK on this message and then click "back" through the
install and get a license screen. I tried inputing the authorization key
and continuing, which ended in the same error, and I tried the 60-day
evaluation license, which ended in the same error.

Can anyone help me out???