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Thread: Collection Editor

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    Jeremy Scott NNTP User

    Collection Editor

    I was wondering is there anyway to have the Collection Editor window come up
    before an inventory scan? For example, I have technicians that go out and
    run the editor. However they must use the scannow:edit parameter. Then
    they have to wait in some cases for 10 to 15 minutes before the editor pops
    up for them to modify client data. Is there any way to show the editor and
    then do the scan? This way they can move on without wasting time. We do
    not trust our users to input their own information. We'd have so many
    'Mickey Mouse' users it wouldn't be funny.



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    Jared Jennings NNTP User

    Re: Collection Editor

    Jeremy Scott,

    >This way they can move on without wasting time. We do not trust our users
    >to input their own information. We'd have so many 'Mickey Mouse' users it
    >wouldn't be funny.

    Someone else might know, I don't right off top. But what about putting the
    desired information into the registry and letting ZAM collect the
    information automatically?

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    WoofaJB@zamlists.com NNTP User

    Collection Editor

    I don't know of a way to do this, but I have a workaround suggestion:

    Create an Option Set with everything, including "Collect Hardware" and
    "Collect Software Applications", un-ticked on the Collector tab. Also
    remove PrimaryUser:Always from the Advanced area (if you use this).

    That will create and absolute minimum scan, which should complete in a few

    When your techs run a scannow:edit the collection editor should pop up in a
    few seconds.

    The limitations / drawbacks:
    - This does not scan for any hardware / software, so it will not pick up
    the changes made by the technician until the next regulare scan cycle.
    - I don't know of any way to select this option set from the command line,
    therefore you will need to associate this to the Scan Now scan type for the
    particular Collection Server or Domain, and this will apply to all
    on-demand scans.

    A less extreme option may be to streamline your option set used for Scan
    Now operations - don't pick up unknown files, skip any unnecessary folders,
    and set the scan to run at Normal priority so it completes asap.

    Hope this helps - if anyone knows how to specify an Option Set from the
    command line, please reply to this post!

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    Jeremy Scott NNTP User

    Re: Collection Editor

    That was an excellent idea. It seems to be working nicely. I believe
    that will work for me for now.



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