This is our first year using ZAM Inventory. We had deployed the ZAM agents
to about 400 workstations and are now deploying it to about 7000
workstations. As we deploy these machines, a number of machines are not
loading the .wif to the Collection server. The .WIF files are stuck in the
INBOXCC directory.

The Collection server displays a number of erros that are Severe stating
Scanning "machine name" failed due to an error detected by the client.

When I view the errors on the client, it say's:

A function failed (35324)

On our collection server, in the Inbox-CPS, there are about 30 .fec or
..wif files stuck. I have seen bits and pieces of posts about this, but
have yet to find a resolution.

Running ZAM 7.50.0014 IR3