HI All,

Right started with the 7.0 to 7.5 ZAm upgrade.....all looked very

It went thry all the motions up to were a dos box opened stating that the
database is being upgraded...i left it there when i came back at the
server, the "setup" screen were still open but no other windows, nothing
were happening, on task manger i could see the typical _sde*.exe _setup.exe
etc is running but nothing happend.....i left the server over night....so
next morning...same story nothing happening....i then restart the
server...try to restart the install ony to find that the install tells me i
must contact novell....because of the unsuccessful upgrade....now the
webconsole is still the v7.0, but on my server if i want to run the
management conolse it tells me that i must either click here to finish the
upgrade, or click there not to, or click over there to cancel...well seems
that this upgrade now went thru...but don't want to take my login
details...not even the default of entadmin ?..... i am now stuck i
believe?...any directions?..

regards thys