Hi All,

i have the following problems at customer site. Maybe someone can help me.
It is frustrating that Tally Systems is now Novell. The good times are

Customer has TSCensus 3.2 german version and cannot upgrade to ZAM 7 or 7.5
because there is a german one. Is there a way to upgrade to the english
version then?

2) PRU
The december PRU does not work anymore. The technical notes on the internet
say that something has changed in the FNI section so patch interims 11 of
TSCensus should be applied to the software first (i saw that KB Version 2.1
changed to 2.2 now so TSCensus manager will not appy the PRU anymore). But
there is no Patch 11 for german version. Only Version 10 which also causes
problems (see point 3). Any idea?

3) Patch 10 for german version
When i try to aplly the patch 10 to the TSCensus installation here the
Production Server (Windows 2000 Server) crashes and the patch will not be
applied. Any idea what it is?


It seems that the german version was forgotten by Novell. Hmm. So no PRU, no
working updates and no support anymore. And the Customer asking me why he is
paying thousands of Euros for support then per year...

Any Idea how i can start to solve the prolems??

Best regards,
Marco Viehl
ITConcepts GmH Germany - now in Switzerland.