We are running ZENworks Asset Management 7.00.0045 SP1 IR11. The problem
we have is that when workstations scan they never update the Primary User
field after the first successful scan. So the first scan occurs when an IT
support staff is configuring a new system. ZAM thinks that the primary
user is the IT support person and not the actual primary user. We could
delete these workstations from ZAM and that would correct the problem but
that seems counter-productive. Does anyone know if there is a
configuration option to set the Primary User field to update automatically
each time the system is scanned?

** Simply pushing the ZAM client install back until the system reaches the
end user is not an option. We also want the Primary User to update when
users change workstations, which happens often. **

FYI: Collection Option Set: Default Option Set.
The Login Name field does update correctly. AutoFill is set to "Always"
for this field. AutoFill for the Primary User field is set to "When Empty"
but is not editable. Can I change Primary User to "Always" for AutoFill?
I can't seem to figure this out.

Thanks for your help on this..
Brian Geissman