Please note some of these issues were present when we were on 7.0 SR11

- We can not get pc's to scan via scan now or command line by using
"cclient.exe" scannow:edit. We want to turn on the collection editor
but I can not get it to come up on my prod pc..
- We now have 900+ blank Workstation OIDs (found via crystal report).
I went through and deleted old PC's that did not check in for a
while, but i want to go back and see if i can get them re-scanned.
Do i have to uninstall and re-install the agent to do this?
- Items not showing up in network discovery. There is a printer whos
IP adress is X.X.X.33, i scanned range X.X.X.31 through X.X.X.35, the
printer did not come up. I can browse to the printer, added the
public domain group to the printer, re scaned above range and it
still did not show up.
- General question - Can we manually connect a client that is not
- From Agent Discovery, Fields reporting in different spots i.e.
some pc's the manufacturer will be in the manufacturer column, others
it will be under the product column. I know that ZAM usually scans
the bios, but our old HW/SW discovery tool reported the information
in the correct columns just fine.
- Lastly, i created a portable collector, scanned a pc, tried to
upload the *.wif file, (44XKB) and it freezes the manager. Do i need
to stop the inventory or anything when i upload the wif files? The
manager was froze for like 45+ minutes. When i hit cancel, an error
came up stating that the collection was being loaded.