I posted in the asset-inventory group without success. I'll try again.

Creating a umxlator.txt file before running a scan makes umxlater.exe to
append detailed information during its operation.

The problem became quite obvious by looking at the umxlator.txt file:

ALL machines having trouble with umxlater.exe not finishing had some LOCAL
program started by UNC path and not by drive letter. (mostly from the
Autostart folder)

e.g. HOTSYNC.EXE from Palm. Hotsync.exe itself has nothing to do with the
problem itself, it was just started from:

\\machinename\C$\Palm\HOTSYNC.EXE and not as C:\Palm\HOTSYNC.EXE

This start method has the following effect for umxlator.exe
(text from the umxlater.txt logfile)
- cut -
Starts: 1
Runtime: 141
Searching remote applications.
Excluding \\machinename\C$\Palm\HOTSYNC.EXE
Excluding \\machinename\C$\Palm\HOTSYNC.EXE
Excluding \\machinename\C$\Palm\HOTSYNC.EXE
this goes on FOREVER
- cut -

Changing the start method to drive-letter immediately resolves the
umxlator.exe issue.

Can someone please confirm this BUG. Should be quite easy to duplicate.
BTW, Win2000SP4, ZAM75, Novell Client 4.83

This issue is a MAJOR problem for us. I am a little puzzled that i am not
reading lots of complaints about it...

Georg Fritsch