Hi there....

I found an issue with how ZAM treats excluded products and I
wonder if I'm doing something wrong.... I tried making a local
product for Easy Media Creator 7.0 (the only version of this software
that's not recognized), but the FNI's don't list everything. Two
programs, one called DVD Builder and another one called Audio Creator
are actually recognized as such, so they are not in the FNI's.

So I figured I would create a local product for all the other
FNI's, and add them to a suite with the two pieces that are recognized.
But from the suite, I cannot select DVD builder nor Audio Creator --
they don't show up even when I have in the filter to show everything.
DVD builder and Audio Creator show as "excluded by ZAM" in the
Discovered Products, so I can't do anything with them. Not sure why
ZAM excludes them because they need licenses.

I ran a query looking for all products excluded by ZAM, and there
are tons of them that actually do require licensing. And the problem
is that I can't do anything with them -- I can't re-include them, hook
them to license records, create local products with them, or anything
else. This is a big problem for us....

Any ideas???