Can anyone shed some light on the licensing **$$??**!! aehh stuff? PLEASE,

In my NCC i have

a Zenworks 75 Asset Management
a Zenworks 7 Asset Management
a Zenworks 7 w/SP1 Asset Management

license code.

We also have

Open Workgroup Netware Suite Linux
Open Enterprise Server

(incl. Groupwise and Zenworks 7 Suite w/Asset Inventory)

Yet there is absolutly no sign of any license which allows a Inventory
collection of UNIX/Linux machines.

If i have e.g. Open Workgroup Suite Linux incl. Zenworks Suite with Asset
Inventory would it make sense that this feature is available
(SLED 10 for example is available for me)

If i enter the ZAM75 asset mgmt code i get Inventory AND Asset Mgmt,
If i complete the wizard a second time with the (Linux) Zenworks Suite 7
Asset Inventory code, it is not an additional license, but the existing
Asset Mgmt license gets removed and i have only Inventory but still no
UNIX/Linux under About/Info...

I just see no way this will work ... EVER

It looks like a special UNIX/Linux license is required.

The normal Inventory DOES NOT cover UNIX/Linux inventory (even if one has
purchased Linux Suite with Linux Desktop and Asset Inventory)
The normal Asset Mgmt DOES NOT cover Unix/Linux inventory (which is ok)

but the (mysterious) UNIX/Linux DOES cover
BOTH Inventory and Asset Mgmt for UNIX/Linux machine simultaneously.

Am i completely off the track or is this the situation besides the marketing
and evaluation, etc. hype?

Georg Fritsch