Hello again

My biggest problem these days is that we administer cca 4800 workstations
on the first standalone server and cca 1600 workstations on the second
standalone server and on both of them we have the same problem.

Our company was using Novell Directory System at first when the management
decided that we need to migrate to Microsoft Active Directory and both
standalone server are creating workstation duplicity. For ZAM there are 4
identificators that must be unique for every workstaion and ZAM
distinguishes workstations:serial number (priority 1), MAC address
(priority 2), some database identificator (priority 3) and machine name
(priority 4 and machine name doesn't really count and is often not
considered). ZAM just duplicates workstation record where the serial
number is the same, machine name is the same, but MAC address is not the
same and we know for sure that it is the exact same machine. There are
also cases where nothing changed and ZAM created workstation duplicity
anyway. It's something like The X-Files.

Another problem considering this from NDS to MSAD migration is that there
is Workstation Domain field in every workstation record and there should
be the domain name written in case that workstation is migrated to Active
Directory. I need that to create the report about migration status. We
have cca 500 from 4800 workstations migrated and ZAM shows me only half of
them. I don't understand what is wrong. I checked some migrated
workstations if they have domain name in Windows and they do.

Please please please help me someone.

Bey bey boys and girls :-}