Have ZAM 7.5 running on a VM (Windows Server 2003 SP1) as a VMWare Server
1.0.1 guest. Bridged network. VMWare host is Windows Server 2003 SP1. The
host is also running ZENworks Patch Management 6.3 natively. 3GB of RAM
and 3.4GHz Pentium 4 Only 100+ workstation in 11 locations connected by a
private WAN (no Internet).

ZENworks Patch Management is working OK. ZAM Workstation inventory
scanning is working OK. ZAM Network Discovery has run successfully on just
3 subnets. On all of the others it stops...usually gets to 80%+ completed
before it freezes. All I can do is to remove the network scan task.

The network subnets are on a private WAN (no Internet involved) and it is
not having any other problems...GroupWise email OK, ZENworks Remote
Management of PCs is OK, Web-browsing OK, rsync traffic OK, eDirectory
traffic OK.

The ZAM 7.5 documentation is pretty thin on this product given that Novell
acquired Tally Systems almost two years ago.

One gripe I have about ZAM is the requirement for a Windows server to
handle the backend and database. I can understand the necessity of doing
this for ZENworks Patch Management as Novell OEMs the product, but they own
ZAM and they ought to be pretty serious about making the backend processes
run on SLES10 and NW65 and use MySQL or PostgreSQL for the database engine.

I have read some comments here about the Network Discovery problem that
suggested just scanning for Windows devices and/or reducing the size of the
subnet being searched. I'm trying these suggestions but I don't really
think this ought to be a requirement to get Network Discovery to work.

Thanks for any suggestions.